Kilz vs Kilz 2 (Is There a Difference?)

Kilz original primer is an oil-based primer known for its stain-blocking qualities. Kilz 2 is a water-based primer used to enhance paint adhesion.

Kilz original primer has better stain-blocking qualities than Kilz 2. Kilz 2 primer has better surface adhesion and a faster dry time than Kilz.

What is Kilz Original Primer?

What is Kilz Original Primer?

Kilz primer is an oil-based primer type produced by Masterchem Industries known for their primer, paint, and stain production.

Kilz original primer is known for its stain-blocking qualities, good surface adhesion, surface sealing, and versatility. It covers surface moisture, water, and stains, and creates a layer (barrier) over the surface to promote paint adhesion.

You can use Kilz original primer for the following things.

  1. Over porous surfaces to prevent paint over-absorption.
  2. To block moisture, water, and stains on a surface before applying paint.
  3. To cover smoke on a surface.
  4. Over exterior surfaces.

What is Kilz 2?

What is Kilz 2?

Kilz 2 is a water-based primer used to enhance paint penetration and adhesion. It has good stain-blocking qualities but is not as good as Kilz’s original primer.

Kilz 2 is a general-purpose primer that doesn’t have special qualities except for enhancing paint penetration. Its water-based formula makes the primer dry faster.

You can use Kilz 2 for the following things.

  1. To enhance paint adhesion.
  2. To prevent paint bleed through.
  3. Before painting porous surfaces.
  4. Over interior surfaces.

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Kilz vs Kilz 2

The differences between kilz and kilz 2 are listed below.

Surface Adhesion

Kilz 2 has better surface adhesion than Kilz because it’s water-based and is a general-purpose primer.

Kilz primer is oil-based and adheres to most surfaces, but its thick viscosity prevents it to adhere over wood surfaces with small pores. It takes longer for it to penetrate and dry over a surface.

Kilz 2 primer adheres to all surface types as it has a water-based formula and a thinner viscosity.

Stain Blocking

Kilz blocks stains, moisture, and tannins better than Kilz 2 because it has an oil-based formula and is formulated with more additives.

Kilz 2 doesn’t block stains, moisture, or tannins as it’s a general-purpose primer designed to enhance paint adhesion and not protect the surface.

Dry Time

Kilz 2 dries faster than Kilz as it has a water-based formula and a thinner viscosity. Kilz takes around 2 hours to dry before painting, while Kilz 2 takes around 30 minutes.


Kilz primer is used over surfaces exposed to water, moisture, stain tannins, and smoke, as it offers better stain-blocking qualities.

Kilz 2 primer is a general-purpose primer used over normal surfaces to enhance paint penetration and adhesion. It’s not designed for wet surfaces and doesn’t have good stain-blocking qualities.

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