Is Chalk Paint Durable? (Find Out Now!)

Chalk paint offers a smooth and decorative finish to your products. The chalk paints are not very durable against scuffs, but they can last longer if they are cured adequately with a protective layer. 

Ever since its invention, chalk paints have offered an excellent quality along with several decorative options. You can easily choose the color of your choice and experiment with mixing different colors to prepare new shades. It is very easy to use, and it doesn’t give a sticky finish like latex paints.

Chalk paint’s matte finish and color can last for years if applied properly and left for drying for a good period. If you cure the chalk paint with any protective coat, you can get even more extended durability.

Does Chalk Paint Scratch Easily?

Chalk paint is a durable paint. But, does chalk paint scratch easily?

Yes, chalk paint can be scratched and chip easily if not protected properly with a protective layer of polyurethane or varnish. Many people choose to wax over chalk paint, but it doesn’t provide scratch resistance to the painted surface. 

Chalk paint is not among the most durable paints on the market and can easily get peeled off the surface even with your fingernails. Chalk paints are available in many different types. And, some people often make chalk paints on their own using Acrylic Paints and Plaster of Paris or baking soda. Therefore, their quality depends on the type as well.

Most commercially prepared chalk paints have the details mentioned on the box. Most of the time it says that chalk paint is long-lasting even without sealing it. But the professional painters with tremendous experience in the field advise that if you don’t want your paint getting chipped off the surface, then it is a must to seal it properly using topcoats.

Moreover, wax is the most used topcoat to cure chalk paint and provide it with an extra level of protection. But, it is practically vague. Wax can only provide shine and a rustic look to your painted surface but cannot protect it against scratch.

Using a clear coat of water-based sealer or polyurethane is the ultimate protection against scuffs. You can pick the gloss of the clear coat according to the final finish you want, either glossy or matter like the paint.

Remember, if you plan to use an oil-based clear coat, then the chalk paint color will get a yellow tint after a while. So, it is always advisable to use only water-based clear coats.

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How Long Does Chalk Paint Last?

Chalk paint can last up to three years if you have applied a wax topcoat over the painted surface. Moreover, if you use water-based polyurethane or varnish over chalk paint, you can expect it to last a little longer than the surface cured with wax.   

Chalk paints are mostly chosen for the look and feel they provide to the furniture. They can be applied on surfaces in various decorative ways and colors. There are claims that no prep work is required for applying chalk paint on a surface, making it a choice for many people.

If you plan to apply chalk paint on your furniture but worry about its lasting capability, you should always apply topcoats over it. The durability also depends on the wear and tear of the product which you are painting. If the product painted with chalk paint is frequently used, its finished look may not last long if not protected.

Most professionals cure chalk paint with wax to seal it properly. Sealing the chalk paint helps give the surface a little shinier matte finish, and it also protects the paint against stains. Waxing also ensures the long-lasting finish of the surface. The only downside of using wax is that it can not save the paint against scratches the way any water-based clear coat like polyurethane can.

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Does Chalk Paint Wear Off After A While?

The paint can wear off after a while if the painted surface is in daily use, not sealed, or appropriately applied on the surface or not. The condition of chalk paint also depends upon where the surface was used. 

Chalk paint is like all other paints, which have a specific life span after which they will show the symbols of wear and tear. If the surfaces painted with chalk paint are being used recklessly, the paint might even get chipped off after a while. But, the most probable life span of uncured chalk paint is around a year, described by most professionals. After that, the finishing of chalk paint will get duller and dirtier.

Unlike other paints like latex or acrylic, chalk paint is thicker when applied on surfaces. This makes it prone to peeling off easily if it comes in contact with sharp objects. Therefore, placing the surface in safe conditions becomes very important to protect it.

If you are applying chalk paint on surfaces that will be in contact with liquids, then sealing it properly is mandatory. Otherwise, the paint will get wiped off soon from the surface as the liquid can dissolve chalk paint in a regular course. Therefore, you can use polyurethane, varnish, or polycrylic to seal the chalk paint and protect it from any liquid damage.

Hence, it is not like the chalk paint will not wear off within a few months, but it can in a year if you don’t protect it or maintain it properly. Moreover, whatever the paint type, maintenance of it plays a very important role in making it last longer.

Do You Have To Seal Chalk Paint?

We are all looking for ways to make the paint last longer. One way to make paint longer is to seal it. So, do you have to seal chalk paint?

After finishing your painting project, you should seal chalk paint, so the paint does not ruin after a while. You can choose either wax or lacquer as a protective layer that would also help make the color last longer. 

When you plan a particular look for your furniture and put in all your efforts to obtain that look, one thing will always strike your mind, what if it lasts forever.

In reality, it is pretty challenging to maintain the quality of any paint to make it last forever because they do get affected after a certain period. But, the look can be retained for a reasonable period if you consider sealing it properly.

It is always a best practice if you seal your chalk-painted surface. It is not mandatory for every kind of surface but advisable for better protection. The environmental conditions, dust, and accidental encounters can harm the finish of your products if not sealed properly.

Many people prefer a matte-finished look for their kitchens and bedroom cabinets. Therefore, they opt for chalk paints. The bedroom cabinets can still withstand the problems. But, kitchen cabinets can get damaged and deteriorated in regular use.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what the description says; always seal the chalk paint. Use good quality water-based polyurethane or polycrylic topcoat for surfaces that will be used in kitchens, gardens, or a trafficked area.

Additionally, you can also use wax over chalk paint to give it a beautiful matt finish and protect the paint against fingerprints and stains. There is some waterproof wax available in the markets which you can use for the walls to protect them from stains.

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Is Chalk Paint Durable For Kitchen Tables?

Chalk paint is decorative paint. Usually, chalk paint is applied on objects that we don't use that often. So, is chalk paint durable for kitchen tables?

Yes, but the key is to apply a good and durable seal over the chalk paint. Use polycrylic, polyurethane, or varnish for a long-lasting finish.

A kitchen is a place where every product you paint with chalk paint will be in regular use. Whether it is a table or cabinet, you will use it daily, which eventually tests the quality of your paint. Therefore, to protect the chalk paint from chipping or scratches, one should always use a very good quality clear coat to apply over the chalk paint.

Other than hand touches and colliding objects, the kitchen also has varying temperature ranges. So, the chalk paint should be cured properly so that it can withstand the temperature change and doesn’t get any cracks on the surface.

Moreover, water-related work is also a challenge for chalk paint. If the surface stays in contact with water continuously, then the chalk paint can also get completely wiped off from the surface. Therefore, protecting it from water drops is also significant.

The water-based varnish, polyurethane, and polycrylic coating can help the chalk paint withstand water splashes, scratches, and collisions. These sealants help a lot in increasing chalk paint’s durability. You have to choose between gloss or matte finish. Then, apply two coats of any of the mentioned clear coats for protecting and maintaining your chalk-painted cabinets.

Moreover, you can also cure the chalk paint by applying wax over it. Wax can protect the surface from stains and water, but it can not defend the scuff marks. Wax also weakens with time and needs re-application, making it a little less useful.

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Does Chalk Paint Withstand Weather?

Most chalk paints can withstand the weather without needing to be sealed with a sealant. But, still sealing the paint will have more benefits, and the life of chalk paint also gets increased to a large extent. 

The chalk paints usually withstand the weather and don’t show any side effects except fading the color in direct sunlight or peeling off due to moisture in walls.

There are some paints like enamels which get affected by weather and get cracked due to it. But, this is not the case with chalk paint, especially the custom-made paints that are using Plaster of Paris that can stand firm against any weather.

However, some surfaces can affect the chalk paint also, like the metal surfaces. Metal often gets oxidized, and rust appears on the surface, which causes flaking of paint from various portions.

To avoid this, a good-quality primer for metal should be used. Before applying chalk paint on metal, coat one or two layers of primer on the surface and let it dry. Once it gets dried, apply chalk paint over it and cure the paint with wax or a clear coat for enhanced protection.

Furthermore, interior moisture that seeps through exterior walls can affect every paint in the market. And, chalk paint is no exception. If your walls hold moisture, then applying chalk paint or any paint will have no benefit.

The chalk paint will not stick to the surface for long. It will get peeled off within a very short period. Therefore, the best practice is to treat the walls against moisture first. After the treatment, apply chalk paint over it. It will ensure that your walls have a beautiful matte look for many years.

In addition, there are some brands of exterior chalk paints that contain additives that protect the paint against mold growth. So, you can consider buying waterproof paint for the exterior walls or the products placed outdoors.

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Will Chalk Paint Hold Up Outside?

Yes, chalk paints can hold up outside, but they will still have some side effects in due course of time. Various brands prepare waterproof chalk paint for your outdoor paint requirements.

These brands prepare their paints waterproof by putting the additives in them. That helps the paint to protect its coat during a damp climate.

When chalk paint is applied on surfaces intended to be placed outside, they show some aging effects with time. The paint will not show the effects at an early stage, and it takes time to show the effects of aging like cracks, chips, and peeling of paint from the surface. Even waterproof paints can hold a little longer than standard paints against the side effects of outside weather.

Therefore, it is best to not rely just on the paint’s resistance capability and seal it using clear coats for an extra layer of protection.

Everyone wants a longer-lasting look for their products. That’s why these clear coats like polyurethane and varnish are invented. Use them over the acrylic paints to get protection against scratches, water damage, and dust.

Moreover, there are some brands that make multi-purpose sealants that contain ingredients. These ingredients protect the chalk paint from harmful UV rays. Although, it is still not very sure that any sealants can protect the color from fading due to the bright sun. So, it is better to do a quick touch-up wherever you feel like the strength of the sealant is getting weak.

Hence, proper protection can help you to maintain your chalk-painted chairs, benches, sheds, porch, and deck from dust, rain, and sun effectively for a good period.


Chalk paint is a popular choice among homeowners because of its ability to provide a vintage look with an aesthetic that can be easily updated.

Unfortunately, chalk paints are not very durable and will need some care for them to last. One way you can increase the durability of your chalk paint job is by using sealants like polyurethane on top of it.

This should help slow down wear and tear from everyday use. Or, other factors such as humidity levels which typically degrade most types of paint over time.

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