Is Acrylic Paint Washable? (Here’s How To Remove It)

Acrylic paint is water-based and is known for its bright finish and good bonding qualities. So, is acrylic paint washable?

Dried acrylic paint is washable because you can wash the paint with water without removing it. Wet acrylic paint isn’t washable as the wet coating will get removed if exposed to water.

Is Acrylic Paint Permanent?

Acrylic paint isn’t permanent as the paint will chip off gradually within a few years. The paint is made of plasticizers, silicone oils, and acrylic polymer that make its finish durable and moisture-resistant, but not permanent.

Acrylic paint will last around 10 years indoors if its finish isn’t exposed to constant water or moisture. The paint will last less than 2-3 years outdoors as the constant exposure to rainfall, wind, dust, and UV rays will gradually remove it.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable With Water?

Acrylic paint is washable with water after its finish cures (fully dries). You can clean dry acrylic paint finish with water without removing the finish.

Wet acrylic paint finish isn’t washable as the water will remove the wet paint coating from the surface and prevent the remaining from drying.

Since acrylic paint is water-based, adding more water to its wet coating will dissolve the paint and prevent it from drying.

To remove dried acrylic paint, use rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits to dissolve the paint particles and liquefy the paint coating, so you can wipe it off.

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Does Acrylic Paint Get Removed from Rain?

Interior acrylic paint does get removed from rain as the paint isn’t waterproof and doesn’t have protective additives that protect it against constant water. However, the paint will withstand a few rainfalls before getting completely removed.

Exterior acrylic paint doesn’t get removed from rain as the paint is formulated with extra protective additives that make its paint finish glossy, moisture-resistant, and more flexible.

To make interior and exterior acrylic paint last longer outdoors, seal the paint with a waterproof sealer. The waterproof sealer will produce a transparent waterproof coating over the paint and protect it from moisture, water, and weather elements.

Is Acrylic Paint Permanent in Different Surfaces?


Is Acrylic Paint Permanent On Clothes?

Acrylic paint isn’t permanent on clothes as the paint vanishes if the cloth is washed by a washing machine too often.

To remove dry acrylic paint from clothes, do the following things.

  1. Use rubbing alcohol or a solvent-based paint remover.
  2. Apply the solvent-based paint remover over the painted spot.
  3. Wait 5-7 minutes.
  4. Wash the cloth with laundry detergent.

The solvent-based paint remover must be compatible with the cloth material or it can permanently discolor the material.

To remove wet acrylic paint from clothes, do the following things.

  1. Wipe the painted spot with warm soapy water.
  2. Wait 5-7 minutes.
  3. Wash the cloth with laundry detergent.

It’s harder to remove acrylic paint from fabric materials such as wool, suede, and silk. These materials are too sensitive and delicate and will get ruined if you use a solvent-based paint remover or you over-wash them.


Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Glass?

Regular acrylic paint isn’t permanent on glass surfaces as you can remove the paint with solvent-based paint remover, warm soapy water, or a plastic paint scraper.

Since glass is non-porous and has no pores, acrylic paint can’t penetrate it well. So, the adhesion between the paint and glass is weak.

Acrylic paint designed for glass and windows is harder to remove from glass as the paint is formulated with extra binders and protective additives. To remove acrylic paint designed for glass, use solvent-based paint remover.


Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Wood?

Acrylic paint isn’t permanent on wood surfaces and will be removed if exposed to constant water and moisture. The paint is water-soluble and will vanish if exposed to water for too long.

To remove stubborn acrylic paint on wood, use rubbing alcohol and then wash it with warm soapy water. However, it’s advised not to use too much liquid as wooden surfaces are porous and can get waterlogged from too much liquid (water). 


Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Plastic?

You can remove acrylic paint from plastic surfaces by using warm soap water or rubbing alcohol. The plastic surface is non-porous and the paint doesn’t penetrate it well, so you can easily remove it.

Plastic surfaces are slick and won’t get damaged by solvent-based paint removers, so you can try different paint removers to remove acrylic paint.

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