Can You Mix Chalk Paint With Latex Paint?

Mixing different types of paint will give a different color and look than just using one paint type. So you might be wondering, can you mix chalk paint with latex paint? Here is the answer to that.

You can mix chalk paint with latex paint to change the paint’s color, consistency, and finish. Chalk paint is very flexible, easy to use, and dries quickly. The chemicals used in making chalk paint can also be mixed with latex paint.

But it would be best if you mixed both paint types in the correct ratio to prevent losing the chalk finish.

So how do you mix chalk paint with latex paint? And what other paint type can you mix with chalk paint?

There is more to know about mixing chalk paint, so let’s find out more.

Does Chalk Paint Have Latex In It?

Chalk paint has latex in it, and it is a type of latex paint that uses water as its solvent. The paint has the same characteristics as water-based latex paint. It reacts the same way, dries the same way, and uses the same solvent.

The distinct feature that many painters associated with latex paint are the water-based solvent that it uses. Therefore, when you hear latex paint, water-based paint is referred to, and chalk paint is also water-based.

In addition to being water-based, chalk paint also has the same features as many other water-based paints. For example, it dries quickly, is easy to use, and can also be mixed with any other paint type as long as it’s water-based. Some painters even mix chalk paint with acrylic latex paint.

The major difference between chalk paint and latex paint is that it has powder inside the paint that gives it a matte finish. Latex paint, on the other hand, doesn’t give a matte finish.

So if you are looking to get a matte or vintage finish, you can mix the chalk paint with latex to get a durable matte finish. You can also wax the finish to give it more durability.

Can You Use Chalk Paint Over Latex?

Chalk paint and latex paint can be mixed. But, can you use chalk paint over latex? Let's see.

You can use chalk paint over latex, but the latex paint should be water-based. Both paint types have the same qualities to apply a layer of chalk paint over latex paint, but you will need to increase the adhesive qualities of the latex paint before applying chalk paint on it.

Latex paint dries quickly, but it’s not the best surface to paint on, especially with a different paint type. So if you are to use chalk paint over latex, you need to let the latex paint dry first.

Then it would be best to clean the surface lightly and maybe prime the latex finish before applying the chalk paint.

The reason for sanding and priming is to allow the chalk paint to sit pretty on the latex finish. Without sanding or priming, the chalk paint will still stick to the latex paint, but the finish wouldn’t be as smooth as it should be. The finish wouldn’t be durable, too, because the chalk finish will be very prone to peeling.

You can also use latex paint over chalk paint, but the chalk finish has to be unwaxed. It’s very common to wax chalk finish after painting because chalk finish isn’t very durable. So the wax is applied to the chalk finish to make it more resistant to damages, smearing, and peeling.

If you want to paint latex over chalk, the chalk has to be unwaxed. Either the chalk wasn’t waxed to begin with, or you will remove the wax first. Painting latex over chalk finish that has been waxed will shorten the lifespan of the latex finish. The latex paint wouldn’t even stick well to a waxed surface.

But the best thing to do is mix the chalk and latex paint and then paint with it. So how do you mix latex and chalk paint? Let’s find out.

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How To Mix Chalk Paint And Latex Paint

Mixing chalk paint with latex is easy, but it’s a task that requires caution.

To mix chalk paint and latex paint, you need to add the latex paint to the chalk paint in little amounts and stir so the paints can be well mixed.

Let’s check out how to do this in detail.

Prep The Workspace

The first step is to prep your workspace. Mixing paints can be fun, but it’s also messy. So unless you want to be wiping paint stains off your furniture and electronics, you should remove and cover them.

Remove all the furniture around your workspace. If you can’t remove them, ensure to cover them with plastic wrap or dropcloth. You should also cover the floors, especially if you have wooden floors.

After prepping the workspace, put on a pair of gloves, goggles, and a face mask. Then you can go ahead to mix.

Pick The Paint To Be Mixed

The next step is to pick the paint you want to mix. While mixing paints, it’s always a good idea to pick paints from the same brand. This way, you are guaranteed paint consistency and a better result.

You can also mix different paint brands, but the result isn’t always as envisioned. So pick the same brand of chalk and latex paint to be mixed. You should also pick the colors that you want to mix.

Though you can mix latex and chalk paint colors, it’s usually better to pick the same color. But if you are to mix different colors, you will need a paint mixer to ensure the best and even result.

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Pour Some Chalk Paint Into A Container

To mix latex with chalk, you need to add the latex to the chalk paint. So pour enough chalk paint into a container. A bowl is usually good enough, but you can use a bucket if you need a lot of paint.

Ensure to pour enough chalk into the container before adding latex. When you have poured the chalk paint, stir it to make it loosen and light, especially if it’s old chalk paint. The old chalk paint would have been dull, so you need to revive it first by stirring for a few minutes.

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Add The Latex Paint

The next step is to add the latex paint into the container. Latex and chalk paint has the same qualities, but latex paint is usually thicker and stronger than chalk paint. So you will need less latex paint than chalk paint.

If you add too much latex paint, you will lose the matte chalk finish. Start small by adding two or three drops of latex paint into the container.

Stir The Mixture

After adding the latex paint, you need to stir the paint mixture for a few minutes to ensure good consistency and an even result. Every time you add latex to the chalk, ensure to mix it first before adding latex again.

So after adding the first few drops of latex paint, mix the paint by stirring it. Then add latex paint again if the first one is not enough and stir for a few minutes. You usually wouldn’t need that much latex paint. Just a few drops of latex will be enough to mix with the chalk paint.

If you are mixing a lot of paint, it’s best to stir the paint with a paint mixer rather than manually. A paint mixer will ensure you get an even result, and it’s your best bet for mixing paint. If you are also using different colors of chalk and latex, you should use a paint mixer.

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Leave The Mixture To Settle

After mixing, leave the mixture to settle for a few minutes before using it. When the paint settles, you can visually check to see if the mixture retains its color and consistency.

Then you can test the mixture by painting a disposable item or cardboard. If the result comes out as expected, then you can go ahead to paint the main surface.

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Can You Use Satin Latex Paint To Make Chalk Paint?

You can make chalk paint from satin latex paint by adding plaster of Paris and the needed paint to the satin latex paint.

It’s easy to make chalk paint if you want to make yours. You can make chalk paint from a mixture of satin latex paint, plaster of Paris, and the needed paint.

The first thing to do is mix the plaster of Paris (P.O.P) with a water-based solvent in the right amount. You can check the instructions on the container of the water-based solvent to know how much you need to add. You can also use water as the solvent since most water-based solvents use water as the vehicle.

After mixing the plaster of Paris with the water-based solvent, you need to stir continuously for about 15 minutes till the plaster of Paris turns into a paste.

When the plaster of Paris and the water-based solvent turns into a paste, you need to pour some paint into the paste-like mixture. The paint you pour into the mixture should be the color of chalk paint that you want to make.

After pouring the paint, you need to stir continuously till you have a good consistency and an even color. Then let the mixture settle. After a while, check back on the paint; you will notice that it looks very much like chalk paint.

The plaster of Paris will give the mixture the unique matte finish that all chalk paints have.

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What Paints Can You Mix With Chalk Paint?

You can mix any water-based or acrylic paint with chalk paint. Chalk paint being water-based, can be mixed with several types of paint as long as the paint is water-based or acrylic.

You can mix chalk paints, acrylic paint, water-based paint, and even craft paint with chalk paint.

It would help if you never mixed chalk paint with oil-based paint because the chemicals in the paint will clash and produce an uneven result. In addition, the chemicals used in making oil-based paints are very different from the chemicals used to make chalk paints.

Mixing both will produce a terrible result, and you wouldn’t even have to use the paint to see it. You will notice while stirring that the paints are not being mixed properly.

This is because the solvent and chemicals will be separated. So asides from oil-based paints, chalk paint can be mixed with virtually every other water-based paint.

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Final Words

Overall, you can mix chalk paint with latex paint, but you need to keep tabs on the amount of latex paint added to the chalk, so you don’t lose the chalk finish.

You can also mix latex paint and several other types of a water-based paint with chalk paint. As long as you mix the right amount of paints, you will get a good and even result.

So get creative and see what you get in return. Have a nice day.

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