How To Remove Paint with Magic Eraser? (3 Steps)

Magic eraser is a cleaning product that removes stains and dirt from the surfaces. You can use the Magic Eraser to remove wet paint coatings or paint transfer in a car, but can’t remove dry or sealed paint finishes.

To remove wet paint with magic eraser, dip the magic eraser into water, rub the erasing pad over the wet paint, and clean the surface.

Can You Remove Dried Paint With Magic Eraser?

You can’t remove dried paint with Magic Eraser as it isn’t strong enough to dissolve the paint binder or coating.

Magic eraser cleans a paint finish and removes dirt, stains, or dust over it, but won’t remove the paint coating. Magic eraser is a melamine foam that removes dirt or stains but can’t remove paint as it isn’t formulated with paint-removing additives.

However, you can remove wet or semi-wet paint with magic eraser as the paint hasn’t penetrated the surface and the paint binders aren’t bonded yet.

How To Remove Wet Paint With Magic Eraser?

To remove wet paint with magic eraser, do the following things.

  1. Dip the Magic Eraser in Water.
  2. Rub the Erasing Pad over Wet Paint.
  3. Clean the Surface.

1. Dip the Magic Eraser in Water

Magic eraser is made of melamine foam, you must dip the eraser pad into water to activate the cleaning agent.

Fill a bucket with water and put the erasing pad for one (1) minute. Take the erasing pad off the water and squeeze it, the pad must be damp and not soaking wet.

2. Rub the Erasing Pad Over Wet Paint

Rub the magic eraser pad over wet paint repeatedly and the paint will come off. Once the erasing pad absorbs too much paint, clean the pad with water and re-use it until you completely remove the paint.

3. Clean the Surface

Clean the surface and the magic eraser pad after you remove the paint.

If the paint coating has cured (fully dried), a magic eraser can’t remove it. You must either sand it off or use a paint-stripping compound to remove it.

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Can You Remove Paint Transfer From a Car With Magic Eraser?

You can remove paint transfer from a car with magic eraser. A paint transfer stain doesn’t penetrate the car frame and has low adhesion, so you can remove it with magic eraser.

To remove paint transfer from cars with magic eraser, do the following things.

  1. Spray a cleaner into the affected spot.
  2. Damp the magic eraser pad with water.
  3. Rub the magic eraser pad over the paint transfer spot repeatedly.
  4. Clean the eraser pad and re-use it until the paint is removed.

Magic eraser pad removes paint transfer as the paint isn’t applied directly over the car frame and hasn’t penetrated the surface.

Can You Remove Paint From Walls With Magic Eraser?

You can remove wet or small paint stains from walls with magic eraser, but you can’t remove dried paint.

The magic eraser will remove small paint stains and dirt over a wall surface without removing the finish underneath. If the paint coating has cured (fully dried), magic eraser can’t remove it from walls.

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