Does Magic Eraser Remove Paint? (How-To)

Magic eraser is a great product for removing stains and dirt from surfaces. But, does magic eraser remove paint?

Magic eraser can remove some types of paint, but the erasing paint isn’t designed for paint removal. Instead, the magic eraser is designed to remove stains and grease from surfaces without ruining the material or surface.

This means magic eraser can remove dirt over the painted surface without affecting the paint underneath. So, in most cases, magic eraser won’t remove paint. 

However, magic eraser can remove fresh paint stains from wooden surfaces. That’s because the paint is still wet and can be wiped off. 

Magic Eraser Doesn’t Remove Dried Paint

Magic eraser won’t remove dried or cured paint. The magic eraser isn’t strong enough to dissolve and separate dried paint particles.

Using magic eraser over dried paint will clean and polish the paint coating, but it won’t remove it. To remove dried paint, you need a mild or strong solvent, such as rubbing alcohol. Petroleum-distilled solvents, such as mineral spirits, will also remove dried paint.

A strong solvent will dissolve and separate paint particles, making the paint lose its solid form and liquefy. Once the paint loses its bond to the surface, you can wipe it off and remove it. 

However, magic eraser isn’t strong enough to dissolve or separate paint particles. Magic eraser is made from melamine foam, which when combined with water can remove stains.

The eraser pad is made for household use, such as cleaning grease from kitchen cabinets or furniture. So, the magic eraser is safe to use over the painted surface without removing the paint or stain underneath.

Magic eraser won’t remove dried paint. However, it can remove fresh (or wet) paint stains from the surface. That’s because the paint hasn’t dried yet, and the paint particles are still loose, so the magic eraser can remove it. 

How To Remove Paint With Magic Eraser?

While magic eraser can’t remove dried paint, it can remove wet or fresh paints. However, you need to follow some steps before using the erasing pad. 

1. Wipe or Scrape The Paint Off

First, wipe or scrape the paint off. 

For fresh (wet) paints, use a rag. Wipe as much fresh paint off the surface using a rag. 

For dried paints, use a paint scraper to scrape the paint off. To scrape, position the tip of the paint scraper under the paint coating and lift the paint scraper. This will scrape off some paint, but you must do this repeatedly. 

2. Dip The Erasing Pad in Water

Since magic erasing pads are made from melamine foam, you must soak the erasing pad in water to activate the cleaning agent.

Fill a bowl with clean water, and put the erasing pad into the water. Or, put the erasing pad into a kitchen sink and run the tap water. Once the magic pad is soaked, take it off the water and squeeze.  The erasing pad needs to be damp, not soaking wet. So squeeze the excess water.

3. Rub The Erasing Pad on The Surface

Rub the damp erasing pad against the painted surface. As you rub, the paint will come off. Or, the paint that came off can be on the erasing pad. So, when the erasing pad foam gets soaked in paint particles, rinse or replace it. This prevents you from rubbing the paint into the surface again.

The reason magic eraser will remove the paint is because you scraped most of it before. Since most of the paint is scraped (loose), the magic eraser will be more effective. However, if you do this on a painted surface without scraping, this won’t work. 

4. Inspect The Affected Spot

After you rub the magic eraser into the painted surface, inspect the surface. If you scraped most of the paint, or if the paint was wet, chances are that you removed most of it. 

If the surface still has some painted spots, re-use the magic eraser over those spots. 

However, if the magic eraser didn’t remove the paint, you must use a solvent. For stubborn paint stains, use rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits. 

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Magic Eraser Removes Car Paint Transfer

Magic eraser will remove paint transfer from a paint. That’s because the paint transfer isn’t coated on the car frame directly. So, the paint will have a weak adhesion and can be removed with a magic eraser. 

However, you must test the magic eraser on the car paint first. This helps you to know if the magic eraser will remove the car paint too, or only the paint transfer. Apply the magic eraser to unnoticeable parts of your car frame; if it doesn’t remove the car paint, you are good to go. 

Here’s how to remove car paint transfer using a magic eraser:

  1. Spray the all-purpose cleaner into the painted surface. 
  2. Spray some of the cleaners into the magic eraser. Or, soak the magic eraser in water. 
  3. Rub the magic eraser into the painted surface. Don’t apply too much pressure. 
  4. The car transfer paint will come off. 

Magic eraser can remove paint transfer from a car because the paint transfer isn’t applied directly to the car frame. So, the paint transfer didn’t dry over the car frame, so it’s not bonded to the car frame. Paint transfer is just a stain on your car that the magic eraser can remove.

Remove Paint From Walls?

You can use the magic eraser to remove fresh paint from walls. But magic eraser won’t remove dried paint from walls. 

The magic eraser is designed to remove stains and dirt over the wall surface without removing the paint underneath. So, if you apply the magic eraser over dried wall paint, the magic eraser will just clean the paint but won’t remove it.

That’s because the paint has cured and adhered to the wall surface. This means the paint has soaked into the wall surface (a bit) and cured there. So, removing the paint from walls isn’t possible with a magic eraser. 

To remove dried paint from walls, use a solvent. For water-based paints, use rubbing alcohol, and for oil-based paints, use mineral spirits. 

Final Words

Magic eraser can remove wet (or uncured) paints only. However, it can’t remove dried paints. To remove dried paints from a surface, you must scrape off most of the paint, then apply magic eraser. Or, you must use a solvent. 

However, you can use magic eraser to remove paint transfer from car, or to remove grease from painted surfaces. 

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