Eral Kadrija


Eral Kadrija is the founder and CEO of DIYGeeks.com and other websites. He has a diverse range of skills and interests. He holds a degree in computer science but also has developed a passion for home renovation and repair.

Over the years, he has purchased, renovated, and sold 7 old homes. This helped him gain a lot of experience in different DIY projects. His expertise is painting, flooring, and other related DIY work, but not limited to.

Using the experience he got from repairing old homes, he created DIYGeeks, a website made for people who want to repair their own houses with their skills. DIYGeeks will teach people different DIY skills and tricks about home repair.


  1. Bought, renovated, and sold 7 old houses.
  2. Expert in painting houses, removing and re-installing new floors, and other DIY projects.
  3. Currently renovating 2 old houses.
  4. 10 years of experience in professional web publishing.


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