How to Make Vinyl Flooring Shine? (2 Methods)

Vinyl floors give a bright appearance upon installation but after a few months, the vinyl floor will become dull and develop stains. So how do you make a vinyl floor shine?

You can make vinyl flooring shine by wiping the vinyl floor with a commercial vinyl floor cleaner. The floor cleaner will remove oily grime and dark stains on the vinyl floor making the floor shine again. You can also use rubbing alcohol or vinegar mix instead of a commercial cleaner.

You should know that the best way to retain vinyl flooring shine is to sweep, vacuum, and mop the vinyl floor regularly. It’s not advised to wax vinyl floors as the floor wax will be difficult to maintain and you’ll need to buff the wax regularly which can be expensive.

So, what makes your vinyl flooring look dull? Let’s find out.

Why Does Your Vinyl Floor Look Dull?

Here are common reasons for a dull-looking vinyl floor:

Dust and Grime

The most common reason for a dull-looking vinyl floor is filth (dust and grime). Dust and grime get on your vinyl flooring in different ways. When you come into the home, you bring along dust nibs and dirt underneath your shoes and feet that get trapped on the vinyl flooring.

Also, the dust that is carried by the wind into your home settles on the vinyl floor. Not to mention the oily grime and grease that the floor is exposed to. All of these constitute filth that makes the vinyl flooring look dull and unattractive.

Food and Drink Spills

Another reason for a dull-looking vinyl floor is food and drink spills. This is very common with kitchen and dining room vinyl floors.

For instance, if you accidentally spill a glass of wine on the vinyl floor, the colorants in the drink can tint the vinyl flooring if not wiped off immediately. This can leave a permanent discolored spot on the floor creating dull-looking vinyl flooring.

Food spills can also cause staining on the vinyl floor. There have been cases where hot meals and snacks like fresh pizza boxes cause dull vinyl floors. In this case, the heat and steam from the pizza box can cause a dark-stained water spot on the vinyl floor.

Weathering Effects

The effects of the weather and elements on your vinyl floor can also cause the vinyl flooring to become dull. For instance, the UV rays from the sun are known to cause fading on the vinyl floors.

So if your vinyl flooring is exposed to direct sunlight, this might be the cause of the dull-looking floor. Constant exposure to harsh rainfall can also discolor your vinyl floor.


Scratch marks, drag marks, door marks, shoe marks, pencil marks, burn marks, and a whole lot of other types of marks on your vinyl floor can make it look dull. When there are multiple marks on your floor, the marks will accommodate filth causing the floor to look black and dirty.

Using Wrong Cleaning Chemicals

Using the wrong type of cleaning chemicals on your vinyl floor can also cause the floor to look dull. Harsh chemicals and acids like bleach shouldn’t be used on the vinyl floor.

Some household detergents also contain bleaching agents for your ceramics. Such detergents shouldn’t be used to clean your vinyl floor. Using the wrong cleaner will fade your vinyl causing the floor to look dull and whitish.

Is It Possible To Make Vinyl Flooring Shine?

It is possible to make vinyl flooring shine. To do this, you need to use a commercial or homemade vinyl floor cleaner to wipe and clean the floor.

The vinyl cleaner will get rid of filth and grime on the vinyl floor and restore its original lustrous appearance. You can also make vinyl flooring shine by wiping the vinyl with baby oil or vinyl polish. You should know that wax isn’t ideal on vinyl floors.

No one likes a dull or dirty vinyl floor and there is good news. It’s possible to make vinyl flooring shine. Most times, the cause of dull-looking vinyl flooring is filth or dirt.

So, if you clean the vinyl floor with a commercial or homemade vinyl floor cleaning solution, you are sure to get a shiny vinyl floor. For vinyl floors that have faded, you can revive the luster of the floor by wiping them with vinyl floor polish or baby oil. Both of these will make the vinyl floor shine.

Next, let’s check out how to shine a vinyl floor.

How To Shine a Vinyl Floor? (2 Methods That Work)

Here are two expert ways to shine a vinyl floor:

  1. Clean and wipe the floor with a commercial or home-made vinyl floor cleaner
  2. Polish the vinyl floor.

This guide will reveal how to use both methods, how they work, and when to use them.

Method #1: Clean and Wipe The Vinyl Floor

Clean and Wipe The Vinyl Floor

The first method is to clean and wipe the vinyl flooring with a commercial or homemade vinyl floor cleaner.

If you want to use a commercial vinyl floor cleaner, you can purchase one at a hardware store but ensure the cleaner is designed for vinyl flooring. To use a homemade cleaner, you can mix vinegar or baking soda with warm water. You can also use rubbing alcohol to wipe the vinyl floor.

You should use this method when the dull-looking vinyl floor is caused by filth, dust, grease, or stains. In these cases, the vinyl floor cleaner will dissolve and remove the stains causing the vinyl floor to look dull. This will revive the lustrous look of your vinyl flooring and make it shine.

For this method, you’ll need the following tools and supplies:

  • A commercial or homemade vinyl floor cleaner
  • A mop
  • Clean rags
  • A vacuum
  • A floor brush or duster

Here is a guide for this method:

  1. Sweep and vacuum the vinyl floor
  2. Pour vinyl floor cleaner into a bucket. If you want to make your own vinyl floor cleaner, you can prepare your vinegar or baking soda solution in a bucket.
  3. Use the vinyl floor cleaner to wipe and clean the vinyl floor up to 3 times
  4. After cleaning the vinyl floor, mop the floor to remove leftover filth and vinyl cleaner
  5. Leave the vinyl floor to dry
  6. If you wish, you can use little baby oil and vinegar to shine the floor when it’s dry.

Method #2: Polish The Vinyl Floor

Polish The Vinyl Floor

The next method to shine a vinyl floor is to polish the floor. This includes using a commercial vinyl floor cleaning solution to wipe the floor. This method should be used when the vinyl floor has faded or turned white. For such vinyl floors, the vinyl polish will revive its original and lustrous tone to make the floor shine again.

For this method, you’ll need:

  • A commercial vinyl floor polish
  • Clean rags
  • A mop
  • A bucket
  • A vacuum
  • Vinyl floor cleaner

Here is a guide for this method:

  1. Sweep or vacuum the vinyl flooring
  2. Pour some vinyl floor cleaner into a clean bucket
  3. Use the floor cleaner to wipe the vinyl floor – this helps to remove grime on the floor
  4. When the floor is dry, apply the vinyl floor polish based on the manufacturer’s instructions
  5. Leave the polish to dry and the vinyl floor should become shiny after a few minutes.

Tip: Don’t use floor wax instead of vinyl floor polish and always allow the vinyl floor polish to dry before walking over it.

How To Keep Vinyl Floors Shiny?

Here are expert tips to keep your vinyl floor shiny:

  1. Clean food and drink spills immediately they occur
  2. Place dust mats at the entrance to your home to collect dust and grime from your shoe soles
  3. Wipe and clean the vinyl floor regularly
  4. Don’t use harsh cleaners or aggressive cleaning equipment on your vinyl flooring
  5. Use rugs or carpets to absorb stains and filth
  6. Don’t drag items across your vinyl floor to prevent scratches
  7. Repair scratches on your vinyl floor so they don’t accumulate dust
  8. Don’t use vinyl flooring on very busy floors as this will only make the floor dull very quickly
  9. Do not use wax or any paste-like polish on vinyl flooring
  10. Only use polish, cleaners, and pads that are designed for vinyl flooring

Does Polishing Damage Vinyl Flooring?

Polishing your vinyl flooring will not damage the vinyl floor as long as you use the right type of floor polish. You should only use vinyl floor polish on vinyl floors.

Vinyl floor polish is formulated with mild ingredients that will not harm or damage your vinyl floor. The vinyl polish also comes in liquid form so it’s easier to use and it dries quickly on vinyl flooring. You should avoid any type of floor polish that is designed in paste form.

Many homeowners believe that polishing their vinyl floor will damage it. This is not entirely true and this rumor is spread on purpose to discourage homeowners from using floor wax polish on their vinyl floors.

While wax will make your vinyl floor dull, there are still other types of polish that can be used on vinyl flooring. These types of floor polishes are specially designed for vinyl floors and they dry quicker than wax so the polish will not make your vinyl floor dull as wax would. Also, vinyl floor polishes don’t contain harsh chemicals that can fade or discolor your vinyl floor. So if you want to polish your vinyl floor, vinyl floor polish is safe to use.

Ensure to stay away from any floor polish that comes in paste or gel-like form, as wax does. Also, don’t use a floor polish if it’s not designed for use on vinyl floors.

How Long Does The Shine Last On Vinyl Floors?

The shine on vinyl floors lasts between a few months and a few years. It’s difficult to put a figure on this because several factors affect how long vinyl floor shine will last.

If the vinyl floor is exposed to heavy furniture, foot traffic, stains, and grease, then the shine on the floor will not last very long – a few months at best. This is because the shine on the floor will wear quickly due to the high traffic on the floor.

On the other hand, if the shine is shielded from heavy traffic and stains, then you can expect the shine to last longer – up to 3 years.

Also, if you use aggressive and harsh floor cleaners on your vinyl floor, then the shine will not last very long because the chemicals in the harsh floor cleaner will fade the vinyl floor.

To make the vinyl shine on your vinyl floor last longer, ensure to wipe, clean, and vacuum the floor at least once a week. Also, stay away from harsh chemicals.

Can You Shine Vinyl Floors With Waxing?

You can and should shine your vinyl floor without using wax. Wax isn’t a great idea on vinyl floors and you shouldn’t use wax to shine your vinyl floor. This is because the wax will make the vinyl flooring dull.

Wax and other gel-based materials used to polish hardwood floors should not be used on a vinyl floor. This is because vinyl floors have a urethane-based plastic coating on the top layer of the floor.

This coating is waterproof and slick meaning that gel-based materials like wax can’t stick to it. So, if you apply floor wax on a vinyl floor, the wax will not stick like it would on a hardwood floor. Instead, the wax will form a gooey substance on the vinyl floor making it look dull and unattractive.

Final Words

In summary, you can make a vinyl floor shine by cleaning the floor and wiping it with commercial vinyl products including vinyl floor cleaners and vinyl floor polish.

Always ensure to clean, sweep, and vacuum your vinyl flooring regularly as it’s the only way to retain the lustrous appearance of the vinyl flooring.

Finally, ensure to always use products designed for vinyl on your vinyl floor. Harsh chemicals, pastes, and acids should never be used to shine a vinyl floor.

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